Our range of Dreamscape wallpapers include a selection of smooth and embossed textures. These wallpapers are high performance wallcoverings that can be installed with commercially available wallpaper adhesive and are perfect for long term decoration. We would recommend using a professional installer for hanging these products. Please visit our FAQs for a list of recommended installers.



An embossed PVC with a flat finish suitable for photographic and detailed designs. This smooth surface is recommended for crisp, sharp edged designs with large colour areas.




An embossed PVC with a poly cotton fabric backing. Mystical texture is often described as a light cobweb and one that simulates the look of hand painted brush strokes. Mystical is a suitable surface for almost any image. It provides just enough texture to make your project stand out, without interfering with the printed design.




An embossed PVC with a poly cotton fabric backing. The woven texture has a realistic fabric-like appearance that softens details and adds a rough threaded dimension.




An embossed PVC with a poly cotton fabric backing. The suede embossing is similar to suede fabric with its nap and texture. It has a light surface that can be utilised for nearly any project. The light texture works well to reduce glare from direct light while adding a warmth to the print.




A 100% Terralon (polyester / natural fibre technology) that has a light texture similar to an orange peel look with a poly cotton backing. Terralon is PVC, plasticiser, phthalates, chlorine, halogen, heavy metal & formaldehyde free.




A glass bead embossed PVC . When printed it gives any colour a metallic dazzle and can be used to create dazzling gold, silver, bronze, copper and platinum effects.



Satara Pearl

An embossed PVC with an elegant pearl finish that feels like fabric and is suitable for creating stunning metallic designs.



Satara Steel

An embossed PVC with a sophisticated steel finish that feels like fabric and is suitable for creating stunning metallic designs.



PhotoTex is a removable and repositionable self adhesive fabric wallpaper. It has a patented adhesive and doesn’t require paste or glue to install. It can simply be peeled off without leaving any residue or causing damage to the wall so is a fantastic choice for both property owners and renters. This wallpaper is suitable for DIY installation.

  • Will not remove paint from primed walls and is safe to put over existing wallpaper
  • Allows repositioning of image over and over again for easy application
  • Resistant to tearing and wrinkling
  • Waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • PVC and odour free
  • Non flammable
  • Suitable for commercial, retail and residential environments, for owners and renters
  • Block out material so can be applied to coloured painted walls


Custom Printed PhotoTex Mural for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney



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